About us:

Samkalin Rajkot is a web venture of Tejpal Media Inc. started in year 2005. The media group has always focus on the needs of common man and developed the media platforms, whether print, electronic or digital accordingly. Samkalin Rajkot is an web initiative, which is developed keeping in mind the digital revolution and changing habits of readers with the inception  of internet and mobile in daily use.

We are committed towards journalism and we will stick to the ethical format of journalism. The core strength is the selection and presentation of content, which  differentiates us from others. We believe in speedy delivery of news, but at the same time the credibility of the news is cross checked, due to which our news are authentic and trust worthy.

Samkalin Rajkot has a widespread network of news reporters and stringers  across Gujarat, who are on the toe every moment, so that we can serve you authentic news content before time.